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To Wonderland Wellness Spa

To Wonderland Wellness Spa

To Wonderland Wellness Spa’s purpose is to support the experience of complete rejuvenation with a “menu of awakened living.” At To Wonderland, wellness alchemy works its magic, reaching all the body systems as guests detoxify, cleanse, rejuvenate and restore. Transformation is truly possible, starting with how guests fuel, nurture and oxygenate the body. Life force informs everything that humans do. Each element of the To Wonderland experience showcases the very best care this planet provides – from the marine potency of E3 algae supplements to sustainably harvested botanical actives in AEOS skincare and the colour energy products in the Aura-Soma® range. Rather than be dictated to by chronological age, guests can retain their youthful vitality, spirit and glow with energising treatments and experience the birthright all humans share: the sacred joy of living. Here’s how To Wonderland can help you…

The certified, highly-trained therapists have been chosen for their undisputed mastery in each chosen field and intuitive ‘body whispering’ ability to assess what your body needs – whether hydrating and cleansing your overworked digestive system or reigniting your entire body through the soles of your feet. To Wonderland prides itself on practitioners who live and breathe their mission.

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