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Why you should book your cruise holidays with a travel specialist

Why you should book your cruise holidays with a travel specialist

In these modern times, many people are accustomed to booking travel online. With the world at your fingertips – or a mouse click away – it’s relatively easy to independently find flights, hotels and car rentals. However, cruising is another story. The booking process is much more complex due to the seemingly endless options available, from different ships, destinations, itineraries and onshore excursion to cabin categories, dining options, transport to and from ports of call and on board facilities and amenities. By booking with a travel specialist, first time cruisers and experienced sailors alike can rest assured that their at sea journey will be as suited to their individual needs and interests as possible.

The four reasons you should leave it to the experts:

1. Hassle-free planning

Sit back and relax; if you book with a specialist all the research is done for you. From the moment you start planning to the end of your trip, you are in safe hands. With travel specialists, it’s all about one on one customer service and saving you hours of research – your time is valuable after all.

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2. Invaluable expertise

A travel specialist is a knowledgeable expert who can offer you personalised advice, matching you with the perfect cruise depending on your own unique tastes and budget. Your specialist will likely consider factors that didn’t occur to you or which are incredibly difficult to research. Will I be cruising with like-minded travellers? What experiences on board will be best suited to my interests? Do I want a holiday that is more action-packed or relaxing? Do I need to sail with a company that has family-friendly options? Are the ports of call actually going to be of interest to me? These are the types of questions your specialist can answer.

3. No unexpected surprises

Specialists are well-versed in the cruising world, so there are not going be any unexpected surprises to derail your trip, such as forgetting to apply for visas, hidden costs or not aligning departure times with your choice of transportation. Your specialist is there to make sure you are never caught unawares, and if you are, they will on call to lend assistance while you are abroad.

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4. Best value

Your cruise specialist knows the ins and out of the companies in the industry and what they offer. This means they can find you the best deal in the market, inclusive of special promotions, access to non-advertised rates and added amenities, such as on board credit or complimentary welcome drinks.

Why you should book with Cruiseco

Cruiseco is the largest distributor of cruise product in the Southern Hemisphere. With a membership of travel agencies spanning Australia and New Zealand, the Cruiseco team provide access to 53 cruise brands worldwide while creating exclusive products to help members drive their businesses. This unique consortium model places Cruiseco at the forefront of cruising with the Cruiseco team providing expert perspectives and industry knowledge on all things cruise to their network of over 2,500 individual travel consultants.

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