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Why fashionistas are flocking to Monaco

Why fashionistas are flocking to Monaco

Recognised as one of Monaco’s most influential purveyors of high-end style, Tom Claeren offers fashionistas all the inspiration they need to visit this glitzy principality, writes Natasha Dragun.

A glamorous city-state on the French Riviera, where you’ll find the highest density of millionaires per capita in the world, Monaco is the natural home for the purveyor of fine style, Tom Claeren. One of Europe’s most influential bloggers, Tom has collaborated with some of the most covetable brands, from Aston Martin and Bentley to Zegna … not to mention the megayachts, luxury cars and private jets that have become synonymous with Monaco’s elite.

“I love brands that share similar values to me,” Tom says, ones that encompass “beautiful design, high-quality materials, attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, history and creativity.”

More than the image

Unlike other digital content creators, Tom is not just about pretty pictures. “I create stories that will inspire our followers,” he says. “My passion stands in creating the unique and exclusive, something not easily reachable, reflecting luxury brands’ roots and the lifestyle chosen by their customers.” It’s a strategy that has paid off, with Tom recently taking home top honours as the ‘Best Hope’ influencer of the year in the Entrepreneur category at the first edition of the Monaco Influencer Awards.

Having called the Principality home for more than five years, Tom feels blessed to be working in a city-state that knows how to make the most of its natural assets. “I am very lucky to be creating images in Monaco,” he says. “It really offers the best: royalty, glamorous events, luxury, yachts, leisure … It is a stunning area.”


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