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White Desert’s pods offer the ultimate luxury in Antarctica

It’s the ‘white’ kind of luxury in Antarctica that tickets all the boxes: adventure in nature with a lot of added comfort and style.

A white wintery wonderland, Antarctica is a bucket list dream for many travellers who desire to see nature at its best, untouched, uninterrupted in its calm and scenic setting. Luckily, White Desert boasts three luxury camps on the seventh continent to ensure comfort and added touches to elevate your Antarctica adventure.

Each camp – Echo, Whichaway and Wolf’s Fang – is intimate in size made for small groups of up to 12 people with luxurious accommodations. After a day skiing, abseiling or fat biking on ice, return to camp to take a relaxing sauna with glacier views and sip on a cocktail made with a 10,000-year-old ice. All before dining on gourmet meals. Sustainability is key – all three White Desert camps are designed to leave no mark on the Antarctic landscape after you depart. Arrive by private jet then stay in one of these unique camps for a carbon-neutral experience that is as luxurious as it is adventurous.


Nestled by the freshwater lakes of ice-free Schirmacher Oasis, Whichaway is the flagship camp for White Desert. Featuring six cutting-edge heated ‘polar pods’ constructed using cutting-edge materials offset with old-world interiors that boast warm and sumptuous textures. Cosy interiors extend beyond the bedrooms. Three communal pods comprising the lounge, library and dining area to relax with incredible views. Plus, a yoga pod, a sauna, and a shower pod with hot showers add extra comfort. By day, take on icy adventures by visiting the South Pole. Here you can ice climb, hike over ice waves, and meet the local emperor penguins. Come evening, savour five-star cuisine prepared by a private chef.

Savour five-star cuisine prepared by a private chef © White Desert


The latest of White Desert’s camps is Echo. This collective of six state-of-the-art space-inspired ‘Sky Pods’ can host 12 by the base of the mountain peaks of Henriksen Nunataks. The six bedrooms are created from composite fibreglass with floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the stunning views. Modern yet ultra-luxurious, a central shower unit, a kitchen, dining and lounge pod act as the communal areas. All designed in an utterly modern and sleek style. Echo is as close as you can feel to being on another planet without leaving Earth.

State-of-the-art space-inspired ‘Sky Pods’ © White Desert

Wolf’s Fang 

Six state-of-the-art Arctic tents have been built using modern materials in the mountains of Queen Maud Land. It’s where luxury and adventure meet. Featuring six heated bedroom tents equipped with en-suite washrooms and shower rooms. All dressed using cosy textiles for a laidback yet sophisticated interior. The lounge is a haven after a day in the snow, with the dining area ripe for a feast come nightfall. The ideal space to revisit the day’s adventures with fellow travellers after taking to the outdoors for abseiling, ice-climbing and rope walks. Gentle hikes and skidoo rides are also fan favourites.

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