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What drives Captain’s Choice to push the boundaries of luxury travel?

What drives Captain’s Choice to push the boundaries of luxury travel?

Whether it’s flying by private jet to Iguassu Falls for lunch or walking the Camino tailed by a luxury support vehicle, Captain’s Choice’s brand of luxury knows no bounds.

After twenty five years of providing rare and authentic luxury travel experiences, Captain’s Choice continues to push the boundaries, always ensuring they have what it takes to set themselves apart from other luxury travel brands.

The award-winning Australian company’s co-owner and creative director, Lou Tandy, says that like all enduring brands, their capacity to evolve, adapt and innovate is what drives their success. “We like to look at travel differently, through different eyes, a different lens. We’re not just looking at a destination; we’re looking into what makes it unique,” she explained.

Lou also believes the industry needs to keep pace with travellers’ changing expectations. “All our guests are quite worldly and successful in their own right. They have a natural curiosity and sense of adventure. They have extraordinary lives. But the one thing that unites them is how well-travelled they are.”

Brazil Iguasu waterfalls aerial view

It’s not just the Captain’s Choice method of creating journeys that is evolving; it’s also how their guests will actually travel. In 2020 their new European Walking Journeys will offer unrivalled experiences that foster physical as well as intellectual and cultural discovery.

“We’re about opening the door to a world otherwise unavailable. Making the impossible possible and bringing these experiences to life,” Lou said. “Maybe that’s symbolic of the new luxury – it’s not only about thread count or the number of Michelin stars, it’s about experiencing something rare, authentic and difficult to obtain.”

New Walking Journeys

Treading historic paths across epic landscapes, European Walking Journeys include some of the major Camino routes across Northern Spain and France. They are a convergence of the physical and spiritual, where the discoveries that guests make of themselves may prove as meaningful as the breathtaking scenes encountered along the way. In groups of just 18 and accompanied by expert guides, the journeys involve stays in the occasional palace, Michelin-starred dining and an exclusive, private courtesy vehicle. Trailing the group closely, the vehicle is laden with food and beverages to recharge. On some days the walks may cover around 20 kilometres, but at any point along the way, the vehicle is on hand to whisk guests away to the next hotel, should they desire.

Italy hikers on green field Tyrol Region

Ocean voyages

Cruising has been, and continues to be, one of the most wonderful ways the see the world. The collection of ocean voyages by Captain’s Choice has been carefully curated to combine the most rare and interesting itineraries aboard the world’s best ships, including the highly-awarded EUROPA 2 and the luxurious Silversea fleet. Captain’s Choice guests will have unique privileges including generous on board ship credit, all tipping and transfers covered, in depth experiences ashore and their exclusive Tour Manager to cater to their every need.

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Private jet

Private jet travel is both genteel and exhilarating. Aboard an all-business-class Boeing-757, Captain’s Choice guests may circle the globe or focus on one region, flying on routes not appearing on commercial airline schedules. Dom Pérignon flows freely – as it should – and their devoted cabin crew excels at pampering guests. Whether stopping by Iguassu Falls for lunch then getting an even closer view by helicopter or learning gold embroidery from a Lao prince in a gilded Luang Prabang palace, these journeys present a collection of astonishing experiences that others only dream of.

Laos luang phrabang royal embroidery lesson with prince tieo somanith

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