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The 10 wellness trends defining 2020 revealed at the Global Wellness Summit

The 10 wellness trends defining 2020 revealed at the Global Wellness Summit

From mental wellness technology to ageing getting a cool rebranding, experts have identified the wellness trends they predict will have the greatest impact in 2020.

Now a $4.5 trillion industry, the world of wellness continues to grow and certain trends have started to emerge. Compiling insights from 550 experts across 50 nations, the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) has released their report detailing 10 wellness predictions for the year ahead, from circadian health to the rise of wellness music.

1. Focus shifts from sleep to true circadian health

With a $432 billion sleep-related market increasingly full of sleep products, GWS predicts a shift away from solutions targeting sleep and fatigue, with a new focus on circadian health optimisation. Products will move to reassert circadian rhythms, such as lighting that adjusts to natural levels throughout the day, and routines will move in a similar direction.

2. Ageing rebranded: positively cool

The World Health Organisation predicts the over-60 population is set to double in 2050, promising a change in the way we view aging. GWS envisages more conglomerates investing into a senior market, adding new products and experiences that will attest the vibrancy of our current aging population.

3. J-wellness

With Japanese wellness approaches moving quickly into the mainstream, GWS expects wellness solutions from Japan to be warmly embraced in the 2020. They see ‘J-wellness’ being embraced as a holistic practice, with interest spurred on by the Olympics this summer.

4. Mental wellness and technology: rethinking the relationship

Mental health awareness has grown significantly in the past few years and beyond medical treatment, a market for digital solutions is ever growing. Some start-ups are even going so far as to gamify mental wellness, a trend that GWS sees continuing this year. As cultural norms continue to shift, GWS is predicting that mental health tech and telehealth will move into the mainstream.

5. Energy medicine gets serious

Despite polar opposite approaches, Western medicine and ancient or indigenous healing are starting to find common ground in 2020, with research offering insight into the electromagnetic frequencies guiding our functioning. GWS sees the future as medical and wellness worlds working together to craft new tools and technologies to optimise human energy fields to prevent illness and boost health.

6. Organised religion jumps into wellness

With interest in health and fitness at an all-time high, GWS sees organized religion reimagining age-old rituals and formats. Congregations no longer want to separate their physical and spiritual needs but instead, hope to fuse them together in novel new ways. This ranges from aerobic fitness classes to meditative retreats, all reworked with religious liturgy and biblical references.

7. The wellness sabbatical

With more people than ever not taking their holiday from work, GWS forecasts the introduction of a new travel concept: the wellness sabbatical, where days of work and wellness are intentionally blended, at destinations that actively and creatively make this possible. Transformation comes from longer wellness experiences, but most people have jobs – GWS sees this as a game-changing solution.

8. The fertility boom

No longer a taboo topic, fertility has come into the public sphere in recent years. As countries start expanding their health coverage to include IVF and an increasing number of start-ups attempting to solve every issue impacting fertility, advancements are coming at break-neck speed. The fertility landscape is full of apps, trackers, platforms and wearables, a shift that GWS predicts will move into a full-blown femtech revolution.

9. Wellness music

According to GWS, more and more people are turning to music and sound as their own source of therapy; even the mainstream music industry is pivoting to “wellness music”. The summit sees resorts opening more sound baths and sound healing, and the rise of wellness records from popular artists.

10. In wellness we trust: the science behind the industry

Wellness is renowned as a consumer industry and as a result, there has been a storm of baseless claims about pseudo-scientific products and Instagram and celeb ‘wellness influencers’ for hire. As a result, GWS expects there to be new ‘wellness watchdogs’, whether that be internal policing of companies or governments taking a stronger stance on falsehoods in wellness marketing.

The GWS is an invitation-only international gathering that brings together leaders and visionaries to shape the future of the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. The next annual summit will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, from 10 to 13 November 2020.

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