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Wellness at home: How to focus on ‘you’ while self-isolating

Wellness at home: How to focus on ‘you’ while self-isolating

From streaming online yoga classes presented by some of the world’s top wellness resorts to learning healthful cooking habits – and new skills – Natasha Dragun finds everything you need to stay well, both mentally and physically, at home.

Tune in, to tune out

There are hundreds of meditation and mindfulness apps now on the market, from Headspace and Calm to Aura and Glo. And now, some of our favourite upscale hotels and resorts are offering similar services to add a touch of Zen to your daily routine. Over at barefoot-luxe Nihi Sumba in Indonesia you can tune in to free daily live-streamed Nihi@Home wellness sessions, including meditation, yoga and even tarot reading.

Meanwhile, Six Senses Hotels and Resorts is encouraging you to take care of yourself using new online tools – the At Home With Six Senses initiative offers everything from immune-boosting recipes for superfood smoothies to tips on how to sleep soundly and workshops unveiling the therapeutic benefits of gardening. Look out for the Facebook Live mindfulness sessions.

And purveyors of luxury travel, Belmond, are also making wellness a priority through the company’s freshly minted Belmond IGTV, featuring everything from live-streamed musical performances to soothe your mind, to meditation sessions and poetry designed to inspire you to travel again – soon.


DIY healing remedies

Can’t get to a spa for a little R&R? We have a few favourite ways to enjoy a moment of bliss while at home.

Luxuriate in a bath

Add a dose of magnesium salts – known to relax your muscles – and light an aromatherapy candle. Then pop on a meditation app (see above). The heat, fragrance, minerals and soothing sounds combine to help create a sense of calm while you soak.

Make a natural facemask

No, not that kind of mask. We’re talking the kind you slather over your skin to rejuvenate and revive. Try combining ingredients like avocado (rich in natural oils), honey (great immune booster), yogurt (packed with probiotics) and oatmeal (gentle exfoliant). Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Concoct a healing elixir

Known as jamu in Indonesian, this all-natural, anti-inflammatory remedy is great for all manner of ailments. Passed down by generations, the recipe combines fresh turmeric, ginger, honey, tamarind and lemon, topped up with warm water.

Spa treatment

Learn healthy cooking habits

If you’ve ever wanted to hone your cooking skills and create nourishing meals, now’s the time. Michelin-starred Italian chef Massimo Bottura is streaming a daily series he’s dubbed Kitchen Quarantine, which sees the legend delivering quick, easy, healthy – and fun – recipes you can make at home (everything from Thai curries to tortellini, with questions and tastings from his wife, Lara, and son, Charlie).

Meanwhile, beloved English chef Jamie Oliver has released his Keep Cooking and Carry On series of free, daily live-streamed classes teaching tasty, nutritious dishes, like homemade bread and chicken soup.

Closer to home, Bondi yoga group Wellness By the Sea now offers daily live streams of healthy cooking classes – head online at 12:00pm for nutritious recipes you can recreate during your lunch hour.

Healthy food

Stay physically active

Influential fitness instructors are flexing new muscles as gyms close and workouts are taken outdoors (or into the living room). Some of our faves include Yogaworks, which streams free live classes throughout the day, and 305 Fitness, which lets you attend (also free) Zoom and YouTube classes that range wildly from meditation sessions to booty-burning cardio sessions.

Down Under, Planet Fitness hosts 20-minute Facebook Live workouts daily at 10am AEDT – some are even led by celebrities.


Challenge your mind

There are dozens of studies showing how small acts of creativity in everyday life can increase your overall sense of wellbeing. With this in mind, why not take up (or refine) a creative hobby, with a little help from those in high places.

Like the Institut Francais de la Mode, which is currently running free classes (in English) for its ‘Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture’ course. Which means you can rub (virtual) haute couture shoulders with representatives from Jacquemus, Saint Laurent, LVMH and others, as well as Sir Paul Smith himself.

Budding guitar legend? The world’s top guitar brand Gibson has teamed up with Amped to give away premium access membership free for three months (Fender offers the same deal), which means you can improve your strum with guidance from some of the world’s greatest teachers – without opening your wallet.

Or, head over to ingenious site Masterclass for all manner of (paid for) online learning sessions hosted by global greats, from interior design sessions by Kelly Wearstler to filmmaking workshops by Martin Scorsese and acting lessons by Natalie Portman. Does it get any better?

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