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Watch: The world’s first space hotel plans to have views of Earth from guest rooms

Watch: The world’s first space hotel plans to have views of Earth from guest rooms

Due to be completed in 2025, the Von Braun Rotating Space Station will likely be the first commercial space station in history.

The Gateway Foundation, which was formed specifically to establish a commercial spaceport, is currently designing the world’s first space hotel, to be named Von Braun Rotating Space Station, according to Dezeen.

The group intends for the hotel to have the same amenities as a high-end property on Planet Earth, such as restaurants, bars, musical concerts, movie screenings and educational seminars. Hotel visitors will have access to technology similar to that used on the International Space Station (ISS), but the Von Braun’s artificial gravity will make stays much more comfortable.

The space station will have different modes of gravity throughout, some spaces with about one-sixth of the gravity present on Earth and others with near-zero gravity. Guests will be able to play a game of low-gravity basketball, jump on a low-gravity trampoline and try their hand at a bit of rock-climbing.

However, the real showstopper is the views from certain guest rooms; space tourists will be able to see the curve of the Earth or vistas of the Moon from their hotel bed.

When it launches, the space hotel will be able to accommodate 100 guests per week in 24 individual modules outfitted with life support systems and sleeping accommodations. The Gateway Foundation expects the population of the station to be 400 and plans to sell modules as private residences, while renting others to governments for research purposes.

Eventually, tourists will be able to go on space “field trips”, heading to other space stations or the Moon. Developers hope the space station will one day be used as a “port” for those continuing onward to the Moon or Mars.

For now, the station is waiting for commercial flights to space to become a reality, with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin and Richard Barnson’s Virgin Galactic the current frontrunners.

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