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Want the best night’s sleep ever? Switch over to natural fibres.

Want the best night’s sleep ever? Switch over to natural fibres.

Organic cotton, linen, alpaca… Ecodownunder’s natural fibres in your bedroom and bathroom not only look good, but feel great.

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night sweating or generally uncomfortable, it’s probably because you’re sleeping on plastic. Synthetic fibres – made from chemical resources – like polyester are commonly used in bed and bath linens. But unlike natural fibres, they’re coated in chemicals, and can’t ‘breathe’ as a result. When it comes to natural fibres, such as organic cotton or wool, air is able to move around, reducing hot and cold spots in your bed as a result.

It’s what’s left out that makes natural fibres so luxurious against your skin. Read on for five Ecodownunder products to transform your bed and bath experience.

Brushed alpaca throw

1. Brushed alpaca throw

Alpaca is luxuriously light in weight and renowned for its warmth, super-soft texture and feel. Perfect for curling up in on the sofa.

Organic cotton ribbed towels

2. Organic cotton ribbed towels

The Whitehaven range of bath towels is made from all-natural organic cotton, minus chemicals and toxic dyes.

Flax linen bed set

3. Flax linen bed set

Pure linen becomes softer with each wash – it’s also naturally hypoallergenic and highly breathable, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wool mattress topper

4. Wool mattress topper

Wool is an excellent insulator. These toppers also provide cushion pressure, can absorb and disperse excess moisture without feeling damp, and are dust-mite resistant.

Duck down & feather quilt

5. Duck down & feather quilt

Down and feathers provide warmth without weight. The natural lightness of the down means it provides insulation because it’s easy to fluff, plus it has the ability to breathe.