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Victoria Beckham launches fragrances inspired by travel memories

From Italy and Paris to Los Angeles, the fragrance collection is an olfactory homage to treasured times, places and memories shared with David and their children.

Spice Girl. Fashion designer. Beauty mogul. Style icon. Victoria Beckham is a woman of many talents not content to rest upon her laurels. The cosmetic arm of her empire, Victoria Beckham Beauty, has launched a capsule collection of genderless fragrances inspired by Victoria’s treasured memories. Different stages of Beckham’s life have been distilled into three distinct scents that represent specific times, places and experiences. Victoria worked with Robertet master perfumer, Jerome Epinette, for eight years to develop the trio.

Victoria Beckham Beauty fragrances

The three fragrances by Victoria Beckham Beauty are contained within responsibly crafted gold vessels wrapped in hues of turquoise, off-white and yellow. The colour palette for the collection was informed by one of the fashion designer’s past clothing collections, and a vintage miniature fragrance bottle the star collected while travelling.

Portofino ‘97

In 1997, just a few months after a young Victoria Adams met Manchester United footballer David Beckham, the pair escaped to Portofino for a romantic trip away. The couple stayed at Hotel Splendido and her fragrance, Portofino ‘97, is inspired by her memories of crisp sheets, dappled sunlight and romance. The eau de parfum is a citrus woody mix with notes of bergamot, amber and vetiver.

The Victoria Beckham Beauty website reads, “Portofino ’97 is the rush of a burgeoning romance: the adrenaline, the flirtation, the infatuation. It’s the thrill of a secret escape—an ode to the early rendezvous of Victoria and David to the Italian seaside—all bottled up. A tease of the fresh sea breeze is clouded with incense and amber, a lingering trace of patchouli, musk and vetiver punctuate the desire.”

Portofino '97 fragrance
Portofino '97. © Victoria Beckham Beauty

Suite 302

Paris holds a special place in the hearts of the Beckhams, a place where Victoria and David formed core memories both in the early stages of their relationship and later with their children. One such memory is staying in Suite 302 at The Ritz. This woody and amber fragrance features notes of black cherry, leather and tobacco leaves reflective of old-world glamour and whirlwind weekends away.

The description reads, “Suite 302 embodies intoxicating glamour, a deep and confident love, wrapped up in the sumptuous memory of Victoria and David’s whirlwind anniversary trips to Paris. What adventure: the seduction swirls from dimmed hotel rooms clouded with bold florals and spicy peppercorn to intimate walks of the city’s winding streets at midnight, imbued with a trail of smoky masculine notes.”

Suite 302 fragrance by Victoria Beckham
Suite 302. © Victoria Beckham Beauty

San Ysidro Drive

The Beckham clan lived in Los Angeles for a time, and San Ysidro Drive was the street on which their home stood. It was a place Victoria says informed her appreciation of wellness and quality time spent with her family. It’s woodsy and floral with notes of saffron, rose and amber.

The label reads, “When Victoria moved her life—and her family—to Los Angeles in 2007, it marked the beginning of a transformative awakening. San Ysidro Drive captures the mindful and meditative memory of her time in California: heady florals mingled with the salty ocean air wafting through open windows on drives down the Pacific Coast Highway; the comfort of black amber and vanilla lend a grounding feeling of home.”

San Ysidro Drive Fragrance by Victoria Beckham Beauty
San Ysidro Drive. © Victoria Beckham Beauty

The Victoria Beckham Beauty fragrance collection is available to purchase now, from AUD$330 for 50ml, or AUD$470 for 100ml. Not sure which scent will best suit you? There’s a scent discovery quiz to guide your purchase.

Where to buy Victoria Beckham Beauty in Australia
Victoria Beckham Beauty products can be purchased online through the website, and online from Net-a-Porter.

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