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VeraVia wellness resort reopens with pandemic revamp

This California wellness resort has used the pandemic to refresh and reset.

The wellness retreat program at VeraVia resort is once again accepting reservations. The award-winning resort shut down earlier in the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and used the time to update and redesign many of the rooms.

VeraVia is based out of the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa in North San Diego.

The resort focuses specifically on weight loss, but attempts to treat it holistically. Packages include tailored nutrition, medical and fitness analysis, stress management and behavioural coaching.

New room designs and dining options at VeraVia

The team at VeraVia has refreshed guest rooms and suites and redesigned activity spaces.

The resort has also added new restaurants, with meals created by the Director of Nutrition, as well as new outdoor spaces, including new family and adult pools.

Guests looking to enjoy the dining area will now find it separate from the lounge room. The team relocated the dining area to a “more exclusive and serene location” to improve views across the resort grounds.

Of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to rade in the US, it’s not all cosmetic enhancements. Attendance numbers are now capped at 10 guests. The resort has also moved classes outside, making use of the 80 hectares of outdoor space to ensure that guests remain safe and distanced.

But in balmy southern California, that’s unlikely to be a burden.

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