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Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet


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Shanghai, China

Chef: Paul Pairet

Dinner price: Starting from CNY 4,000 per person

Food: “Avant-garde figurative” cuisine

Decor/vibe: Enigmatic, modern, sumptuous

A single table of ten seats only invites discerning diners to experience food in a unique pairing with multi-sensory technology in this eccentric dining experience. All guests are seated together, whereupon the “sensory play” begins, a 20-course set menu leading the way. Rather than views or paintings, the dining room’s decor is constituted of light, sound, music and scents, feeding not only taste but all of the senses in order to affect what the concept deems the ultimate luxury: emotion. Ultraviolet is the first experimental restaurant of its kind and the unique vision of Paul Pairet, its mission to reveal the elusive “psycho taste” and boldly declaring that in the restaurant, guests “eat more myths than calories”. Born and trained in France, Pairet’s culinary influence has been noted around the world, travelling from Paris to Hong Kong, Sydney, Jakarta and Istanbul before arriving in Shanghai, having accumulated an array of impressive accolades along the way . Ultraviolet is the product of some 15 years’ planning, and the three Michelin-starred restaurant is widely proclaimed as Pairet’s cuisine at its best.

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