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Strap yourself in for the world’s ultimate road trip

Weave your way around Switzerland’s snow-capped mountains by day in an ultra-luxe supercar of your choice, and savour Michelin-starred meals by night. Welcome to the Swiss Supercar Tour.

This small exclusive group tour by Ultimate Driving Tours kicks off in July. Founded by a Melbourne couple, you choose your own supercar and cruise for three days among the alps, charming local villages and along the turquoise waters of Lake Lucerne.

Want a red Ferrari, a Mclaren 720S, an Aston Martin DB11 or a Lamborghini Huricane Performante? It’s all in your hands.

The drive includes the famed trio of alpine passes: Susten, Grimsel, and the infamous Furka, immortalised in the James Bond classic Goldfinger chase scene. Pitstops will see Michelin-starred lunches and stays at the ornate Dolder Grand, perched above Zurich, before a final evening on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

Rev things up

If you want to step things up, tie in a supercar tour through Europe with the Monaco Grand Prix, where you can also board a superyacht to enjoy the city’s iconic Formula One race with nine-time Formula One Grand Prix winner, Mark Webber.

Follow it up with a five-day drive in a supercar of your choice where you will start by crossing the Maritime-Alps on the French-Italian border, before continuing onto the wine regions of Piedmont.

Continue through the Swiss alps including the UNESCO World Heritage-listed biosphere Entlebuch and end the trip in Zurich.

Driving will never feel the same again.