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Porsche or Ferrari? These incredible tours lets you drive both

When Ultimate Driving Tours releases a new experience, they usually sell out in hours.

The luxury travel company organises supercar tours, drive your own car trips, self-guided holidays, F1 packages and track events.

Founder Anthony Moss told Signature Media, demand for the tours has grown during the pandemic as people plan their bucket list trips.

“A lot of people don’t want to jump out of a plane anymore, but they want an adventure – one where they aren’t just a passive participant, they are involved in the action,” he said.

Ultimate Driving Tours has grown from a single driving tour each year, to a full calendar of events including tours to the Grand Prix in Monaco aboard a superyacht and private dining events with Daniel Ricciardo.

Supercar tour of Germany and Oktoberfest
Ultimate Driving Tours

‘Really beautiful cars’

Moss said the idea for the company was to drive “some really beautiful cars, the best cars in the world and to pair that with amazing hotels, nice food and wine.”

The cars include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin and Mercedes.

Ultimate Driving Tours provides the training and support for guests to drive every single type of supercar.

“It’s a bit like a degustation of cars,” Moss said.

“Over three or four days, we might have eight cars and you drive every one of them. You get to spend a lot of time with the car, experiencing different types of roads.”

“It’s the kind of holiday where you’re quite literally in the driver’s seat,” he said.

Ultimate Driving Tours surveys all their guess before they drive. Porsches are always in the top three preferences. But interestingly, people’s car preferences often change mid-tour.

“The car you think will be your favourite car isn’t always your favourite car to drive,” Moss said.

Swiss Tour
Ultimate Driving Tours

Stunning locations

Ultimate Driving Tours runs two French driving tours, two in Italy and one in Germany. The signature event, a Monaco Grand Prix tour is four days of fast cars, luxury hotels and unforgettable experiences.

“We drive the world’s best cars on the world’s best roads, stay in some incredible hotels paired with fine dining and then we watch the Monaco Grand Prix on the on a privately chartered superyacht in Monte Carlo harbour.

Moss plans to relocate to Europe in the next month to oversee the 2021 tours. Thanks to high vaccination rates and relaxing restrictions, Europeans can now travel again and the company’s September / October Italy driving tour is already 50 per cent booked.

Aerial view of Monaco
Aerial view of Monaco © nstantane Monaco Benjamin Vergély

Australia driving tours

For Australians without the ability to leave, Ultimate Driving Tours does run driving tours in Tasmania.

The tours include insurance, the vehicle, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, accommodation and fine wines.

The average tour costs around $1300 to $1500 a day.

‘I was hooked’

Jeff Morton was “hooked” on Ultimate Driving Tours after he booked an adventure that included driving a Nascar at Las Vegas Speedway, Corvettes at Spring Mountain and watching Marcus Ambrose at Bristol Motor Speedway from VIP seating in pit lane.

“All the cars have their own personality but every time I drove a Porsche the biggest impression was just how rock solid the engineering is behind the car,” he said.

“You can tell they are made for motorsport when you get behind the wheel.”

Morton did the tour once by himself, then signed up again to take his wife.

“It was so much better to be able to share the experience with the love of your life,” he said.

“We both drove all of the cars and the combination of driving the best cars in the world on the best roads in the world in scenery that takes your breath away was something just so special.”

He has now signed up to buy a slice of the business through a capital raising program that will end in June 2021.

“I have plenty of investments that are pretty boring and this is something that I’m not just passionate about but also has an incredible opportunity to capitalise on a growing trend in the travel industry.”

Chance to buy in

Ultimate Driving tours currently has a limited capital raising venture to fund future tours. Moss said the money raised would go towards purchasing their own supercars to reduce overheads.

The idea came from customers who had been on the tours and asked if they could invest.

“It’ll give us a real leg up to the next few years and put us in a position where we can control the narrative which is going to be great.”

Ultimate Driving Tours
Ultimate Driving Tours

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