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Travel quiz: How well do you know Queenstown?

Test your knowledge of Queenstown with our multiple choice travel quiz

As travel resumes between Australia and New Zealand, we’re delighted to bring you this Queenstown travel quiz. If you’d like to learn more about visiting the adventure capital of the world, read our FREE 100-page Ultimate Guide to Queenstown ebook here.

Which ski resort is closest to Queenstown?
Which of these is not a luxury resort in Queenstown?
Which celebrity owns vineyards in the Queenstown region?
Which of these is not a restaurant in Queenstown?
How many kilometres long is the popular cycling route, the Queenstown trail?
Which lake is in the heart of Queenstown?
True or false: New Zealand's highest bungee jump is in Queenstown.
What is the spirit of queenstown?
Which wine is the Queenstown region most famous for?
What is the Māori name for Queenstown?
True or false: The Hills Golf Course only accepts a maximum of 12 visitors per day.
How well do you know Queenstown?
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