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Toujours France French travel specialists

Toujours France French travel specialists

Australia’s leading experts on barge cruising and small group tours in France, Italy and the UK

Imagine cruising along a peaceful French canal, passing by charming little villages and magnificent chateaux, walking or cycling whenever the fancy takes you, or sitting on deck with a glass of rosé and a selection of delicious seafood as the sun sets…

Cruise on one of the fully-crewed hotel barges and experience one of the most relaxing and unique ways to explore the beautiful regions of France, as well as the UK and Italy! Fabulous food and wine, captivating history, colourful country markets, picturesque chateaux and wineries, plenty of leisure time to walk, cycle and discover charming little canal-side villages, or simply relax on deck as you cruise through the stunning countryside.

Whether travelling alone; sharing with a friend, spouse or partner; or holidaying as a group, a barge cruise is a wonderful opportunity to discover the “hidden treasures” of each region, as well as magnificent scenery and exclusive local experiences. Meeting the owner and winemaker of a prestigious Burgundy chateau, exploring a tiny medieval village followed by lunch at a fantastic restaurant that only the locals know about, choosing beautiful linens at the best country market in the region, lunching on deck while the barge rises up through a series of nine locks on the Canal du Midi, being piped ashore in a remote Scottish glen or mooring for the night under Windsor Castle… these are just a few of the delightful experiences Toujours France offers on the various barges!

Celebrating a special birthday or anniversary on board the barge is a wonderful way to be pampered, and a barge cruise is truly a superb holiday to share with your family or a group of friends. The all-inclusive package eliminates the need to work out price-sharing, bar is open 24/7, and the itinerary can also be customised to suit your particular interests. Your crew, from captain to tour guide, chef and super-attentive hostesses will attend to your every need while you relax and enjoy the company of friends and family for an unforgettable week.

Barges are of varying categories, and are rated according to specifics such as cabin size and luxuriousness of décor and amenities – but it is important to remember that service, cuisine, wine and excursions are of the same very high standard no matter which barge you choose – so no matter what your budget, you are assured of an exceptional cruise experience! Meals are a highlight on all of the barges; provided by your outstanding en-board chef, gastronomic delights and superb local wines await you.

These canal barges cruise in a wide range of regions – Burgundy, Canal du Midi, Loire Valley, Provence, Gascony, England, Scotland, Ireland & Italy. Toujours France staff have travelled many times on all of the barges, which means that they can provide you with personalized and unparalleled knowledge of the different boats and regions, helping you choose the perfect barge and itinerary for a delightful and unforgettable cruise.

Toujours France also offers a number of beautiful unique small group tours all over France and other select destinations such as the UK, Spain and Italy.

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