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Top 9 steps to an incentive travel trip

1. Make it relevant

Tie the earning and selection criteria for the incentive travel reward to business objectives.

2. Stay updated

Be clear and consistent in communications about the program and the progress participants are making toward goals.

3. Anticipation…

Build up a sense of excitement about the incentive travel throughout the year to keep employees motivated to achieve their objectives.

4. Make it worthwhile

Design the program to include a desirable destination, interactive sessions and leisure time, to add to the overall excitement.

5. Build the hype

Have executives and key managers act as hosts to reinforce the company’s commitment to the reward program.

6. Book-keeping

Keep detailed records that prove the productivity of the earners and their contributions to the company’s financial performance.

7. Communicate

Incorporate networking opportunities for top performers on the trip to build relationships with other top performers and key management.

8. Collaborate

Encourage top performers and management to collaborate on the trip about best practices and ideas.

9. Projection

Ensure the incentive travel motivates earners to continue to perform well into the future.


Source: Incentive Research Foundation

Featured image: ©Aleenta Phuket

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