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The world’s 40 best LGBTQ+ travel destinations

When it’s safe to travel, these are the cities you should book first.

ParkSleepFly has released a study on the world’s 40 best LGBT travel destinations.

As travel restrictions continue to lift, many hopeful travellers are booking trips overseas. Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ travellers still have to be mindful of safety and legislation concerns for some destinations

ParkSleepFly analysed the world’s most popular destinations. The company used an anti-discrimination score, the number of LGBT events, a safety index score, the average nightly hotel price and the number of bars, clubs and hotels per 100,000 people to determine the final rankings.

best LGBT travel destinations
Lisbon, Portugal took out first price. Credit: Canva

The top 3

Coming in at number one was Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The Mediterranean city scored so highly due to Portugals’s perfect rating for its anti-discrimination laws. A variety of gay bars and clubs are also scattered across the city.

Another Portuguese city takes second place, this time the city of Porto in the north. Porto had the highest concentration of accommodation options with 2,503 per 100,000 people.

Cologne, Germany ranks third. It’s home to one of the biggest Pride events in the world plus and 22  moreLGBT events that take place in the city. With an anti-discrimination score of 79, Cologne is one of the most accepting cities in Europe.

Sydney is the most LGBTQ+ friendly destination in Australia. Credit: Canva

How did Australia score?

Australia earned two spots on the top 40 list. Sydney ranked 23rd in the study and Melbourne ranked 30th.

Both cities boast an anti-discrimination score of 69/100 but Sydney’s safety score was significantly higher than Melbourne at 66.48 compared to 55.99.

The 40 best LGBT travel destinations

Here is the complete top 40 list. For a full list with broken down scores head here.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal
  2. Porto, Portugal
  3. Cologne, Germany
  4. Brighton, UK
  5. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  6. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  7. Bristol, UK
  8. Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  9. Gan Canaria, Spain
  10. Ghent, Belgium
  11. Manchester, UK
  12. Berlin, Germany
  13. Brussels, Belgium
  14. Montreal, Canada
  15. Reykjavík, Iceland
  16. Stockholm, Sweden
  17. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  18. Madrid, Spain
  19. Milan, Italy
  20. Dresden, Germany
  21. Düsseldorf, Germany
  22. Munich, Germany
  23. London, UK
  24. Sydney, Australia
  25. Toronto, Canada
  26. Rome, Italy
  27. Olso, Norway
  28. Vancouver, Canda
  29. Barcelona, Spain
  30. Melbourne, Australia
  31. Auckland, New Zealand
  32. Tel Aviv, Israel
  33. Paris, France
  34. Vienna, Austria
  35. São Paulo, Brazil
  36. Copenhagen, Denmark
  37. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  38. Guadalajara, Mexico
  39. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  40. Tokyo, Japan

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