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This eco-friendly tower could become New York City’s tallest building

The futuristic design would feature 8,300 shrubs, 1,600 trees and 36 wind turbines.

French architecture firm Rescubika Creations has unveiled plans for a 2,400-foot residential building that would tower over Roosevelt Island – and give Manhattan’s iconic skyline a run for its money – while absorbing more carbon than it puts out.

The ambitious project has been dubbed Mandragore New York City, after the mandrake plant, and the “carbon sink” structure would be capable of trapping a huge volume of emissions to combat the greenhouse effect and help achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

How, you might ask? Among other features, the design would include 8,300 shrubs, 1,600 trees, 83,000 square feet of plant walls and wooden construction materials – which all trap carbon – in addition to 23,000 square feet of solar panels and 36 wind turbines to produce clean energy.

But wait, there’s more: Mandragore would also include a network of underground pipes to capture warm and cool air and circulate it throughout the building, and each apartment would come with its own home office, so residents would not need to commute.

The designers envision the skyscraper sitting between the Queensboro Bridge and the south point of the island. If built, the 160-storey structure would measure a record-breaking 2,418 feet, which would be 372 feet taller than One World Trade Center, which is currently America’s tallest building. Additionally, it would lay claim to the title of the world’s second-tallest building, just a few feet behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which measures at 2,717 feet.

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