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These authentic itineraries will have you booking a flight to Greece

A travelogue of three exclusive itineraries from Fly Me To The Moon that will immerse you into authentic, unexplored Greece.

Visit the best wine-producing regions, stay in stylish properties, sail in the company of dolphins and sea turtles, meet interesting people and listen to classical music under the stars at the Acropolis.

Founder, Elena Papanicolaou, believes that the most enriching way to discover a destination and its culture is by immersing yourself into its lesser-known offerings. Specialising in bespoke individual and business -VIP serviced- travel to Greece, Fly Me To The Moon sets itself apart by crafting authentic travel experiences that illuminate the perfect balance between humans and nature – a harmony deeply rooted in ancient Greek life.

If you want to delve deeper into the fascinating beauty of Greece, here are three exclusive itineraries to introduce you to the country’s finest and rarest.

Be the master of your island

A private island, belonging to the Ottoman Pasha who ruled the area, changed hands just before the liberation of Greece. The remnants of the once vibrant rural settlement, producing olive oil, wine, vegetables, lie idle scattered around the island. The many walking paths through olive groves and pine trees lead to deserted beaches and even to an encounter with free-roaming horses. A bountiful vegetable garden and fresh fish brought in by local fishermen offer the prime raw materials for delicious meals prepared at the island villa by an in-house chef. A rib boat or wooden caïque can offer endless options for exploration of untouched coves and beaches around the island and across the shore. On a nearby island, you can venture out mountain climbing, scuba diving and tuna fishing, or lay back and enjoy a visit to a boutique winery inside the ruins of an ancient settlement, producing vin doux. This exclusive private island makes a perfect location for a wedding or retreat with a Byzantine church and a helipad on the grounds.

Fly Me To The Moon - Be the master of your island 2
Fly Me To The Moon - Be the master of your island

Wine tasting in the ancient vineyards of Santorini

The vineyards of Santorini are ancient, dating back 6,500 years. Now, there are 15 winemakers on the island who are committed to the preservation of the island’s historical and original grape varieties, which have managed to withstand the two vine diseases. The distinct characteristics of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Santorini vineyards is that the roots have penetrated deep into the island’s soil, enabling the renewal of old vines using cutting techniques that date back to antiquity. Today, you can experience wine tasting in many different forms, from wine-tasting sessions, accompanied by savouring local products, to bike tours through the vineyards and traditional feasts in the harvest season. If you find yourself on Santorini on 22 October, you will be there just in time to celebrate the festival of Saint Averkios, a patron saint of wine. Can you think of a better experience than inhaling the fresh summer breeze, sipping fine Santorini wine and watching one of the world’s most famous sunsets disappear below the horizon?

Wine tasting in the ancient vineyards of Santorini
Fly Me To The Moon - Wine tasting in the ancient vineyards of Santorini

The lighthouse network of the Cyclades

The old lighthouses, built on the most remote and commanding spots, are often telling of the character and history of the islands they are stand on. Spathi Lighthouse lies at the southern tip of Serifos island; spathi in Greek means sword and honours the sword-making industry of ancient Serifos, as this has always been an island with rich mineral production. The island of the one-eyed Homeric giants, the Cyclops, with more than 70 crystal-clear beaches, amazing stone architecture and laid-back chic villas, Serifos is wild and captivating. Agios Efstathios Lighthouse sits on a deserted islet just off Kimolos; it is tiny and under the radar – much like Kimolos itself, an island of limestone famous for its chalk production since antiquity. The white porous soil texture has created beautiful pink-turquoise beaches and caves offering shelter for the pups of rare monk seals. The tiny old villages with the windmills and the local delicacy of ladenia – a type of bruschetta topped with fresh tomatoes and olive oil – are simple authentic pleasures the island offers. Perched on a steep cliff in the northeastern part of deserted island of Polyaigos lies its lighthouse. Polyaigos means the place with the many goats and still today, wild goats may be spotted running on the rocks. This is one of the best preserved geological islands in the Aegean Sea, with a rich flora and fauna, a protected European Natura 2000 project. There are ruins of a Byzantine church, an old settlement and an open-cast mine of barite. Its beaches are simply breathtaking and Diamantospilia, a cave with fine crystal quartz, looks like a diamond. Charter a stylish yacht and simply drop anchor!

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