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The five virtues of Kailis Jewellery’s Australian South Sea pearl

The five virtues of Kailis Jewellery’s Australian South Sea pearl

Looking to purchase pearl jewellery? Kailis Jewellery’s guide will ensure you pick the perfect one for you every time.

Kailis pearls are unlike any other on Earth. Born from the rare Australian Pinctada Maxima oyster – the largest of all pearl-producing oysters in the world – Kailis Australian South Sea pearls will always have the thickest nacre and abide by these five virtues, making them, without a doubt, the rarest and most valuable natural gems in the world.


The most important virtue. Of all precious gems, only pearls have lustre. It describes the radiant quality of the surface as light reflects through the countless layers of nacre, as if coming from deep within the pearl. Australian South Sea pearls have the most naturally illuminating lustre of all pearl types; it will never fade and requires no additional treatment.


While a pearl with a flawless surface is exceptionally rare, the quality of complexion is influenced by the number and size of imperfections and their degree of visibility.

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Perfect pearls come in all shapes and sizes. These include the incredibly rare, perfectly round pearls and unique shapes, such as baroque and circle pearls, that induce creativity in unique jewellery designs. Round, teardrop, oval and button shapes are extremely high in demand.


Typically mirroring the overtones of the pearl shell, Australian South Sea pearls come in a variety of natural colours including white, silver and cream. Look closely enough and some exhibit pink, blue and even green hues, mirroring the uniqueness of the shell they once laid in. While colour is a very personal choice, white with pink overtones is the most prized variety.


Measured in millimetres by width, size is the last of the assets to consider. Australian South Sea pearls, blessed with a naturally thick nacre, are the largest of all the world’s pearls, typically ranging from 11mm to 16mm. Highly prized yet exceptionally rare pearls of up to 20mm are also occasionally found.

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