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The secret to taking jaw-dropping destination photos

The secret to taking jaw-dropping destination photos

These days, everybody is a photographer, especially while travelling. We share our top five tips for taking breathtaking landscape shots, every time.

1. Take advantage of natural lighting

Choosing the right backdrop for your photo is essential, and a key part of this is working the golden hours. Stunning natural lighting can go a lot further than a cheap filter effect, so take advantage of dawns and dusks and the interesting textures, dimensions and patterns they create.

2. Consider the horizon

Before you take a landscape photo, you should always consider the horizon. Firstly (and perhaps obviously) make sure it is straight. Less obvious is to think about where the horizon sits in your photograph compositionally. A good spot for your horizon is on one of the thirds lines (that is, a third from the bottom, or a third from the top), rather than across the middle of the picture’s length.

3. Allocate the drama

Think about where the most interesting part of your photo is. If you have a bland, boring sky, don’t place your horizon on the bottom third line and let it dominate the photo – but if it’s filled with stunning golden light and interesting cloud formations, go ahead and place the horizon lower to give it centre-stage.

4. Choose a focal point

It’s important to have a focal point; a landscape still needs something to draw the viewer’s attention. A building, natural feature or silhouette can be good for this. Keep the rule of thirds in mind for placing your focal point within the image.

5. Use a tripod

Good, textured landscape photographs usually require a longer shutter speed and smaller aperture, so you’ll probably need a tripod to compensate.

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