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The exclusive bike born from an equally iconic partnership

The exclusive bike born from an equally iconic partnership

Aston Martin’s distinct design and Brough Superior’s state-of-the-art engineering have culminated in the creation of the AMB 001, a track-only, strictly limited edition motorcycle that is the first product of their iconic partnership.

With only 100 of these motorbikes in production, the AMB 001 boasts exclusive technical features including a chassis configuration with a double wishbone front fork and structural carbon fibre body.

The bike is not a far cry from the iconic design associated with the Aston Martin name, featuring the traditional green racing colours with matte black wheels, forks and brake assemblies. All of the components of the bike have been specifically designed with top-quality materials including carbon fibre, titanium and billet aluminium.

Further odes to cars gone by can be found in the aerodynamic wings attached to the cowl on the front of the bike that are reminiscent of the S-curve found on the front of an Aston Martin and the Oxford Tan leather pads on the hand-stitched saddle.

The AMB 001 boasts a turbo-charged output of 134 kW (180 hp) at just 180 kilograms dry weight. This turbo configuration brings an incredible engine response with huge torque in a wide range of engine rpm. This is also the first time that a Brough Superior model is presented with a V-twin turbo-charged engine.

The AMB001 is finished with ultra-lightweight Aston Martin wings, the same of which adorn the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The AMB 001 is being built and hand-assembled in the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France with an MRSP of AU$173,740 including 20% VAT. First deliveries are set to begin from Q4 2020.

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