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Tailor-made in Italy

The details of a masterful tailor are as closely guarded as the secrets of their signature cuts. We open the Italian gentleman’s little black book to bring you the best.


A bespoke tailored suit is more than a piece of clothing. It is an expression of style, taste and exclusivity that has a radiating effect on the mien and carriage of the man (or woman) who wears it. Italian tailors, like the masters of Savile Row, have long been held up as the finest craftsman in the business, sought out for their expertise, delicate touch and flair. Having a suit created for you is an experience. It is about the club-like ambience of the atelier, the appreciation of lingering over fine details, and the honouring of age-old craftsmanship.


As anyone who has come to Italy for a wardrobe will attest, it is an experience that is well worth the journey.


Italian tailoring is centred in two cities: Milan and Naples. In the northern fashion capital, sartorie are found around the chic shopping district of the Quadrilatero d’Oro. In the south, artisans are found in the elegant neighbourhood of Chiaia, plying their trade between branded boutiques; Savile Row by the sea. The Neapolitan style is more unstructured than the Milanese square silhouette, featuring a soft shirt-like shoulder and minimal lining.


Kiton’s flagship Milan store


A. Caraceni


The Caraceni family is a tailoring dynasty, with a network of sartorie bearing the name across Italy. Domenico Caraceni opened the first store in Rome in 1913, but it was his younger brother Augusto, sent to establish the family name in Paris in the 1930s before the breakout of World War II, that came to be favoured among the Milanese tailors. Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren are among those to don the signature A. Caraceni pagoda shoulder. Today the business is run by Carlo Andreacchio with his wife Rita Maria (granddaughter of founder Augusto) and their son Massimiliano, proving that tailoring is still a family craft.

  • House style: The pagoda shoulder (padded, slightly concave look).
  • Starting price for bespoke entry-level two-piece suit: €5400

Carlo Andreacchio at work


Andrea Campagna


As the successor to Gianni Campagna, who was an apprentice to Domenico Caraceni and won Italy’s 1966 Golden Needle Award for the finest tailor at just 22 years old, Andrea has quite a reputation to live up to. He and his father have dressed Jack Nicholson, Charlton Heston and Pierce Brosnan. Andrea brings a more youthful approach to his suits while ensuring the exquisite Campagna details remain a signature.

  • House style: Unexpected detailing and silk linings
  • Starting price for bespoke entry-level two-piece suit: €4500

N.H. Sartoria


For Count Federico Ceschi, elegance is a lifestyle. His exclusive sartoria was founded in 2003 with master tailor Domenico Bombino, once considered the only man to be in competition with Caraceni and tailor to the artists of Milan’s Brera district (who often paid for their suits with paintings). N.H. stands for Nobil Homo, or noble man, and it is an atelier where privacy and discretion reign.

  • House style: Unlined jackets with impeccable interior craftsmanship.
  • Starting price for bespoke entry-level two-piece suit: POA


Naples and Milan

In the 1930s Gennaro Rubinacci was Naples’ authority on elegance. He conceived of the ‘London House’ as a club where gentlemen could discuss cloth and the English style. Today Mariano Rubinacci is at the helm, with his son Luca the eclectically styled face of the company. For those who don’t like to be rushed in suit-fitting , Casa Rubinacci in Naples offers seven suites and a seven-night ‘Week to Measure’ package.

  • House style: The Neapolitan cut in vibrant vintage fabrics.
  • Starting price for bespoke entry-level two-piece suit: Around £3400

Mariano and Luca Rubinacci



Naples and Milan

Il meglio del meglio più uno. The best of the best, plus one. With more than 50 stores across the world, from Las Vegas to Tashkent, Kiton is one of the more international tailors on our list. For those seeking the personal touch, however, a Kiton K50 or a LASA bespoke suit is a truly luxurious handmade item. The K50’s name derives from the 50 hours spent on its creation, including ironing the folds at each stage to ensure the suit keeps its shape.

  • House style: The opposite of what is considered the Neapolitan look, with sleek styles in indulgent fabrics.
  • Starting price for bespoke entry-level two-piece suit: POA


Kiton suits have international appeal


The finishing touches

Complete your look with the finest of gentleman’s essentials.


L’bardi shoes



E. Marinella has been making beautiful silk ties since 1913.


Mario Talarico’s unassuming ship in Milan is a surprising trove of handmade umbrellas.


L’bardi accessories are designed in Australia and made in Italy to ensure the finest craftmanship.

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