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For curious active travellers, Tierra Hotels are sustainably run adventure spa lodges in Chile. With bold architecture and fabulous views, the all inclusive adventure spa concept with daily excursions, all meals and open bar, means that everything is taken care of. Make the most of

Sue Wallace heads for the hills in Costa Rica to discover the incredible biodiversity of a nation known for ecotourism and happiness. It's my first date in Costa Rica and I'm nervous as I contemplate a much-anticipated liaison. This beautiful country has topped the Happy Planet

MSC Cruises, brings its own unique ‘Mediterranean Style Way of Life’ to cruising.  MSC Cruises is the largest privately owned cruise line, sailing year round in the Mediterranean and Caribbean and seasonal cruising in the Northern Fjords and the Baltic Capitals, Cuba and West Indies,

Diana Plater discovers a taste of the Caribbean in the little-known South American nations of Suriname and Guyana. We’re floating in the moon’s reflection in the Upper Suriname River as the Milky Way streaks across the night sky, hoping a black caiman won’t nibble our toes. Artist

Journeying to Machu Picchu and the reed islands of Lake Titicaca is a childhood dream come true for Sue Wallace. Memories of Incan legends about beautiful maidens sacrificed on mountaintops and troves of gold treasure fill my head while squashed in the back of a crowded bus on the way to see Machu