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No other continent combines natural beauty with cultural charm quite like Latin America. Whether you seek heart-pumping adventure, serene landscapes or gourmet delights, we have gathered 24 of the very finest experiences this vast destination has to offer.

A series of new wellness-inspired journeys from Abercrombie & Kent immerses travellers in the cultural and spiritual hearts of four special destinations with enriching experiences that nourish the mind, feed the soul and invigorate the body.

In a rapidly changing world, new challenges are thrown up by the day. Deadlines are more pressing, productivity demands are unparalleled and time is more precious than it’s ever been. To stay in control, achieve success and enjoy work life balance, a focus on personal

Journeying to Machu Picchu and the reed islands of Lake Titicaca is a childhood dream come true for Sue Wallace. Memories of Incan legends about beautiful maidens sacrificed on mountaintops and troves of gold treasure fill my head while squashed in the back of a crowded bus on the way to see Machu

Dishes you just can't miss out on. A country is defined by its people, its culture and its iconic dishes. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, food is a staple of life. Often the days are marked by the fabulous food you’ve sampled or

Wild at heart A honeymoon doesn’t have to be all about lazing by the pool with cocktail in hand. These adventurous destinations will make your post-wedding holiday far more memorable than most. 1.  Go wild on safari [slider][slide link=""][/slide][slide link=""][/slide][slide link=""][/slide][slide link=""][/slide][/slider]   Imagine tranquil days in the African bush walking

Immerse yourself in the culture of Peru by travelling to the ancient Inti Raymi festival. It sees thousands gather near the ruins of Ollantaytambo and you’ll join locals dressed in colourful costumes to observe this traditional Incan ceremony. It is a truly unrivalled experience that