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The experts at Abercrombie & Kent have put together their Hot List for 2018. It’s the definitive go-to inventory for discerning travellers who want to stay ahead of the game and rack up new experiences. Whether it’s a wildlife-focused adventure, an off-the-beaten-track discovery, cultural engagement or

There’s no better way to explore Norway than on the new Viking Sky. Laura Begley Bloom heads into the Arctic Circle in true Nordic style. It’s midnight on a midsummer night, also known in some parts of the world as the summer solstice. And I’m floating

A light show like no other Experience Norway’s magnificent far north in winter during Viking’s illuminating 13-day ocean cruise. Explore a land where dawn and twilight merge on the edges of the long Arctic night. Cruising far north in Norway’s winter, witness what few others see: wondrous

The majesty of the Arctic is luxury and adventure defined. It's a frontier with a quiet elegance forged from isolation - abandoned but for the solemnity of its keepers, both animal and human. Here, we’ve compiled the four best luxury Arctic experience from the top

We look back on the best luxury hotel openings of 2015, from a cosy boutique property in Helsinki to a revived safari lodge in Botswana. Hotel Lilla Roberts, Finland Opened in August, Helsinki’s Hotel Lilla Roberts calls itself the home of Hygge – a Nordic word encapsulating

Don't let a little glacial water spoil your fun. Matt Clark, from surfing and snow travel experts LUEX, shares seven ways to help you embrace cold water surfing. Winter has well and truly arrived in the Northern Hemisphere! Never mind that the water is a little chilly; the waves

The world’s most mystical natural phenomenon has long drawn visitors into the dark depths of the Arctic Circle, but rarely with the elegance of a private train voyage aboard the Golden Eagle, writes Amelia Hungerford. To see the Northern Lights, dancing grey-green in the night sky, is to witness nature

Ken Eastwood enjoys breakfast among the icebergs in an exciting adventure cruise to Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard, taking in spectacular Arctic scenery, abundant wildlife and serpentine glaciers. It’s about 6.30 am and 4°C. I was roused out of bed by a loudspeaker, and am now crawling