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Challenge your own perception of what’s possible for your next sojourn with our top 25 most awe-inspiring experiences. 1. Search for polar bears Join the migration of majestic white polar bears as they make their way over icy rivers and across the subarctic plains to the seal-rich

The North Pole is the world’s northernmost point and a prize still zealously pursued by adventurers and explorers. This incredible adventure starts in Murmansk, Russia. There you embark on the world's most powerful icebreaker for a roundtrip voyage to the geographic North Pole. As you crush

Barry Stone fights off a pod of walruses on his icebreaker expedition in the Russian High Arctic. But he remains sensibly wary of the resident polar bears in their natural habitat 900 kilometres from the North Pole. Photography by Wolfgang Jaekel. I can truly say I’d never