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No other continent combines natural beauty with cultural charm quite like Latin America. Whether you seek heart-pumping adventure, serene landscapes or gourmet delights, we have gathered 24 of the very finest experiences this vast destination has to offer.

El Mirador House holds just as much appeal for horse enthusiasts as it does for lovers of exceptional architecture, writes Joanna Tovia. Tucked away in the woods by a lake outside Valle de Bravo, a picturesque town about 150 kilometres southwest of Mexico City, is a

Sophisticated travellers thirsty for enriching adventures and experiences that leave a lifelong impression are making memories at the out-of-the-ordinary Auberge Resorts, writes Joanna Tovia. The destination-focused approach being adopted by many ultra-luxurious boutique resorts is proving to be a winning philosophy. Auberge Resorts Collection has been

You’d be hard-pressed to find a shaman who could dream up Chablé Resort & Spa; it took 12 years to transform this crumbling hacienda into an enchanting contemporary retreat. Hidden in a wild expanse of rainforest, Chablé is Mexico’s newest – and perhaps most indulgent

The private enclave of Cuixmala on Mexico’s Pacific Coast is the stuff of legend, from its days as a fantastical retreat for Sir James Goldsmith and his family, to its current incarnation as a jetset escape under the stewardship of the financier’s daughter Alix. In its

HOTEL ART COLLECTIONS 6 of 16 The growing art collection of Hotel Esencia has become an innovative fusion of local Latin American culture and European modern art. Originally designed as a private retreat for an Italian duchess, the resort is now owned by Hollywood executive and artistic entrepreneur,

Passionate horsewoman Julie Miller discovers a Mexican paradise offering margaritas, mariachi music and some of the best riding in the world. A burro and a mule are blocking our path, standing patiently beside a moustachioed cowboy wearing a sombrero. From a nearby house, the discordant wail