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Alpine and oriental luxuries merge at the Swiss Alps’ brand-new luxury hotel, the Chedi Andermatt, writes Madeline Hoskin. Ski-lovers who have waited in eager anticipation for the Chedi Andermatt — it’s time to exhale. The new complex of rich wood slats and pitched chalet roofs that

Amelia Hungerford retreats to a haven above the bay - the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa - and discovers why tranquil Fiji is always in style. The hills around Natadola Bay are not among Fiji’s many tourist hotspots. But with a curving white sand beach

No, it is not a typo. Prestigious accommodation website, Oliver’s Travels, has this month launched its most exorbitant and romantic property to date. Nicknamed ‘Lovers Deep’, this is one experience not recommended for those with claustrophobia or a fear of fish – it’s a luxury

Adventurers, are you ready? Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and into the snow, enjoying five-star luxury tenting on top of 4500 feet of ice. Have we caught your attention yet? Nordic Luxury have created an amazing Langjokull expedition camp that lets

Travellers in Australia are on the quest for something new. Exotic Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is beautiful and accessible with direct flights from Perth, just under eight hours away. Here are ten reasons why the time is right for Aussies to discover Mauritius. 1. People Mauritius

Looking to combine your New Year's resolutions of fitness and travel? Here are some of the best hiking holidays in the world, sure to entice active adventure seekers. Twenty-fourteen is now in full swing, and hopefully we haven't yet lost track of our well-intended New Year’s

Discover the luxury cruise line that lets you encounter the magic of the Kimberley, the Australian coastline and the remote West Papua and Papua New Guinea islands. Indeed, a sea holiday aboard the True North is an experience not to be missed. Stand on the bow

John Alwyn-Jones enjoys a luxury yachting sojourn through the Mediterranean and Atlantic aboard the SeaDream I. Rod Stewart’s singing, “I am sailing” and suave waiters serve French champagne

The world’s hottest celebrities have been partying in Saint-Tropez or relaxing on their luxury yachts for decades. Over the past century, sun-splashed Saint-Tropez has become the world’s definitive playground of the wealthy. But don’t think this is all there is to it. Under its glistening surface,