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The beautiful lakes region in northern Italy has been a magnet for visitors since ancient times. The cooler climate, the brilliant blue lakes nestling against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, a distinctive local cuisine and gorgeous manicured gardens are an irresistible drawcard for travellers. Italian

The details of a masterful tailor are as closely guarded as the secrets of their signature cuts. We open the Italian gentleman’s little black book to bring you the best.   A bespoke tailored suit is more than a piece of clothing. It is an expression of

Signature presents the Top Seven adventures that are perfect for Father and Son bonding. Why not treat Dad to an adventure? From shooting sporting clays in Montana to fishing in Russia, hiking in Ethiopia, cycling in South America and driving Land Rovers in Mongolia, a world of active

A personally guided small group tour is the ideal way to explore the best of Italy. The team at Vita Italian Tours guide groups to some of the most exciting destinations in Italy.

Blessed with unending coastlines, romantic landscapes and elegant towns, Marian McGuinness guides you through the temptations of Italy. Throughout Italy, la passeggiata is that magical moment of the evening when time is taken to relax, stroll and celebrate the wonders of the day. Embarking on our

Favotto Tours offer a truly unique, immersive experience of Italy as they travel off the beaten track and uncover hidden gems in each region. Each tour will take you to the towns and villages of Italy not frequented by tourists. On your journey you'll visit family-run wineries

Traveller: Lindsay Ridenour Room: The Diaghilev Suite, a Deluxe Superior Suite Address: 30 Via Arienzo, 84017 Positano Italy Date: September 2016 Best for: Villa Treville is ideal for the traveller looking for ultra-luxe accommodations and a romantic atmosphere on the Amalfi Coast. The former home of the famed Italian opera and