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Indulge in a riverside Junior Lodge Suite, and immerse yourself in the thriving New Zealand art scene, with a 4-5 hour Auckland art tour, exploring major public and private galleries, including lunch with the expert Huka Lodge art guide, Claire Chamberlain.

Belinda Luksic indulges at two of New Zealand’s luxury lodges, discovering why they are as sought after for their sense of exclusivity, cuisine and exquisite service as they are for the adventures to be had in their incredible natural surrounds. There’s something grand about The Lodge at Kinloch Club. From

The Huka Lodge Wellness Retreat, 15 and 16 September 2017 brings like-minded guests to the peace and sanctuary of Huka Lodge in New Zealand, with its 6.8 hectares of lovingly tended riverside gardens and palpable connection to nature providing the perfect setting for a retreat from

Each happily ever after begins with a simple ‘I do’, however, there is nothing simple about these luxurious destinations that perfectly cater for those tying the knot. New Zealand Huka Lodge Romantics are sure to find a dream awaiting within the high-end nooks of Huka Lodge, one of

From humble fishing lodge to New Zealand luxury institution, 90 years of Huka Lodge hospitality is an anniversary worth celebrating, as Cathy Wagstaff discovers. This is the perfect setting for my final dinner at Huka Lodge, under the gilded candelabra of the Wine Cellar. Candlelight glints off bottles of the world’s most prestigious