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We’ve all had relaxing island getaways or fun trips to bustling cities, so why not take a chance, be adventurous and try the unconventional by visiting one of the most extreme places on Earth on your next holiday?

No other continent combines natural beauty with cultural charm quite like Latin America. Whether you seek heart-pumping adventure, serene landscapes or gourmet delights, we have gathered 24 of the very finest experiences this vast destination has to offer.

  Leave the rush of everyday life behind at some of the world’s most remote hotels. Kate Powell shares the extraordinary destinations where the journey – often by air or sea – is more than worth the effort. 1. Explora Patagonia, Chile Perched amid the wild mountain terrain

Joanna Tovia discovers the wildlife and natural wonders of Ecuador. For those wanting to get back to nature look no further than Ecuador's Galapagos Islands and beyond. The minute we clamber out of the zodiac and onto shore, I feel like I’ve stepped into a wildlife documentary. A

Nestled in the South American nation of Ecuador, these top luxury hotels will help you escape the ordinary. 1. Mashpi Lodge, The Andean Cloud Forest Dubbed The world's most luxurious new jungle retreat by Forbes Magazine and Ecuador’s Leading Green Hotel at the 2015 World Travel Awards, Mashpi Lodge exceeds

The Amazon is one of Ecuador’s four distinct ‘worlds’ alongside the Pacific Coast, the Andes and the Galapagos Islands. The Amazon is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, home to 4000 species of trees and vines, 600 species of birds and 200

For those who dream of adventure, Ecuador offers a wealth of discovery and experience. Its best-known attraction, the Galapagos Islands, already features on the travel wish-lists of nature-lovers and photographers the world over - and that's just the beginning. From the Amazon jungle to snow-capped