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If your idea of luxury is speed, then a European Waterways ‘Hotel Barge’ trip is probably not for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for tranquillity and calm, then a six-day trip on La Belle Epoque is a golden ticket. So here we are,

There’s no doubt that those returning home from a cruise look relaxed and refreshed. But how do you return looking ten years younger? Rebecca Skinner finds out. A luxury cruise offers perhaps the best opportunity there is to concentrate solely on the most important person in your life – you!

John Alwyn-Jones enjoys a luxury yachting sojourn through the Mediterranean and Atlantic aboard the SeaDream I. Rod Stewart’s singing, “I am sailing” and suave waiters serve French champagne

Are you a first-time cruiser who has succumbed to the ‘unpack once’ marketing pitch? So just what do you pack? Cruise diva Maggy Oehlbeck provides some tips.

Luxury cruise liner, Crystal Serenity, is certainly a ship that is dressed to impress. Nick Constance shares his onboard experience after spending a week cruising through the sunshine of Southern Spain. The perfect way to start a cruise is to be met by a crisp-shirted representative,

Barry Stone fights off a pod of walruses on his icebreaker expedition in the Russian High Arctic. But he remains sensibly wary of the resident polar bears in their natural habitat 900 kilometres from the North Pole. Photography by Wolfgang Jaekel. I can truly say I’d never

A seafood safari across the Great Australian Bight gives Sue Wallace the chance to get cosy with creatures both fearsome and beautiful amid some of the most stunning scenery in the country. She rides aboard cruise liner, True North, to see the best of South Australia. Plump juicy