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Famed for its awe-inspiring northern lights, Canada’s icy Yukon Territory is an exhilarating playground for avid adventurers. Photographer Dan Avila explores the majestic mountainous beauty of this frozen subarctic wonderland. Travel photography means different things to different people. That’s the beauty of it, really. For me,

Challenge your own perception of what’s possible for your next sojourn with our top 25 most awe-inspiring experiences. 1. Search for polar bears Join the migration of majestic white polar bears as they make their way over icy rivers and across the subarctic plains to the seal-rich

Learning to master turns and slides on roads of ice and snow at speed is ideal training for perilous real-world driving conditions. Dan Avila goes ice driving in the Porsche 911 Carrera in Canada to do just that. It is minus-25 degrees Celsius a few hours’

Collette has been a pioneer in guided touring since 1918, renowned for connecting guests with cultural experiences which go far beyond those of an ordinary holiday. Check out these five unique tours for your next winter getaway   1. Northern Lights of Finland – new for 2018 Travellers wanting to

Signature presents the Top Seven adventures that are perfect for Father and Son bonding. Why not treat Dad to an adventure? From shooting sporting clays in Montana to fishing in Russia, hiking in Ethiopia, cycling in South America and driving Land Rovers in Mongolia, a world of active

With the Rockies as a backdrop, no train journey is more majestic than one aboard The Canadian, thanks to its new Prestige class. The vast expanse of Canada between Vancouver and Toronto is a mesmerising landscape of mountain peaks, glassy lakes, open prairies and picturesque towns. It’s the sort of scenery that seems