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What better way to enjoy the sunshine than hitting the road with the top down and seeing what your car can really do? If you haven’t placed an order for one of these incredible new convertibles to hit the market, we’re certain that you’ll soon

Ravishing red It may be beautiful but Ulysse Nardin’s Jade ‘Grand Feu’ in red ruby is more than just a pretty face. It’s water resistant to 30 metres and incorporates silicon components for enhanced precision and durability. Practicalities designed to save manicured nails also come into

If you like your watches how you like your autos – sleek,  powerful and advanced – then you cannot look past Breitling’s  range of exclusive chronographs for Bentley, writes Madeline Hoskin. When it comes to creating both cars and timepieces, precision is paramount. So it was

After 97 years in the car-making business Bentley launches a new model that is the world’s fastest – and most exclusive – SUV, writes Sarah Nicholson. When Bentley does something it does it very, very well. So when the esteemed British car maker announced it was striding

  Bentley unveils its new Mulsanne model range, which reaches even greater heights of luxury and performance and sets a new benchmark for rear-seat passenger comfort, at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Handcrafted in Crewe, the new range comprises the Mulsanne, the performance-focused Mulsanne Speed and the

There’s an art to creating a convertible. It isn’t a matter of simply removing the roof of a coupé; there are a bevy of factors to consider, from the structural integrity of the chassis sans top to the stowing of the roof so as not to