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No other continent combines natural beauty with cultural charm quite like Latin America. Whether you seek heart-pumping adventure, serene landscapes or gourmet delights, we have gathered 24 of the very finest experiences this vast destination has to offer.

The experts at Abercrombie & Kent have put together their Hot List for 2018. It’s the definitive go-to inventory for discerning travellers who want to stay ahead of the game and rack up new experiences. Whether it’s a wildlife-focused adventure, an off-the-beaten-track discovery, cultural engagement or

Touch of Grace Far beyond Buenos Aires lies Grace Cafayate in Argentina’s Calchaquí Valley, where russet desert contrasts with vineyards that produce some the world’s most renowned highland wines, and a tantalising mix of adventure and gastronomy is on offer.  Here the legend of the gauchos, those masterful horsemen of the pampas, runs deep, reminding visitors