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Kate Powell meets with polar explorer Sunniva Sorby for an exclusive insight into the challenges, rewards and hidden secrets of the enigmatic South Pole. Any true traveller knows that luxury is more than simply cost, more than simply comfort. The time and freedom to search for

Antarctica represents the ultimate adventure. As a destination for explorers and scientists, ‘extravagance’ is a word few would associate with its icy expanse, but that’s a perception White Desert has subverted, as founder Patrick Woodhead tells Tracey Porter. Travellers who have visited Antarctica say it is

One of the leading providers of polar expeditions in the cruise industry Founded in 1999, the company specializes in expedition cruises to the Arctic & Antarctica aboard ice-strengthened ships and to the North Pole aboard the world’s most powerful icebreaker. Expedition cruises to the Russian High

Experience the magnificence of Antarctica with a stay at the ice continent’s first and only luxury camp, now easier than ever with the arrival of a private jet service Antarctica remains a destination for true explorers, vast and dramatic, and filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For more

No other destination can elicit the sense of excitement and adventure as Antarctica. The most unspoilt and remote place left on Earth; this is the ultimate journey of a lifetime. Awaken your soul to the wonder of Antarctica with one of Silversea's Antarctic cruises. Revel

Dale R Morris captures the harsh beauty — and wildlife — of the Southern Ocean islands and the Great White Continent on a polar voyage. The Russian research vessel upon which I am about to set sail is tiny compared with most of the ships that

Discover all-inclusive expedition cruise packages to the ends of the Earth with Silversea Expeditions. Fares now include a pre-cruise hotel stay, transfers, charter flights to/from Ushuaia and luggage handling. And in 2017 and 2018, guests can take advantage of the Exclusive Air Offer: AU$899 Economy

Expedition travel allows us to embrace a sense of adventure and enrich our lives. Today, there are few travel experiences that define adventure like a journey to Antarctica, Earth’s least explored wilderness. Journey through awesome landscapes, untamed oceans, and jutting mountains of rock and ice, home