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Pioneers in travel to Antarctica, Quark Expeditions employs hundreds of talented women and men to ensure every journey to the White Continent is as educational as it is eye-opening. From biologists and photographers to historians and ornithologists, talented team members here reveal what it's like

We’ve all had relaxing island getaways or fun trips to bustling cities, so why not take a chance, be adventurous and try the unconventional by visiting one of the most extreme places on Earth on your next holiday?

With rising sea levels and an ever-warming planet, there are some places on your bucket list that may not be around forever. Tabby Wilson checks out the destinations that are most at risk.

Kate Powell meets with polar explorer Sunniva Sorby for an exclusive insight into the challenges, rewards and hidden secrets of the enigmatic South Pole. Any true traveller knows that luxury is more than simply cost, more than simply comfort. The time and freedom to search for

Experience the magnificence of Antarctica with a stay at the ice continent’s first and only luxury camp, now easier than ever with the arrival of a private jet service Antarctica remains a destination for true explorers, vast and dramatic, and filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For more