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How to unlock the best seats on a Qantas flight

Unless you have Platinum One or Chairman’s Lounge access the front row of seats on a Qantas flight will be greyed out when you book online.

But there is a way to unlock them.

The grey box does not mean the seat is taken.

t80 Qantas
Qantas business class seats. Credit: Qantas

The T80 rule

Qantas reserves the best seats in every cabin for elite frequent flyers. The higher your status, the more seats you can book. Qantas Platinum members will only see the first two rows blocked. Whereas someone with no status can see as many as 12 rows in grey.

The good news is, regardless of your frequent flyer status, you can actually book one of the greyed-out seats using the T80 rule.

Unbooked premium Qantas seats on any flight will unlock 80 hours before takeoff – T80.

Qantas T80
Qantas premium economy seats. Credit: Qantas

How to book seats using T80

Check the seat map 80 hours from departure – that’s three days plus eight hours.

If you see a seat that is better than the one you have booked, simply reselect it as your new seat and confirm your choice.

The T80 rule doesn’t work for extra legroom flights. For those seats you will need to apply T24 – check 24 hours before departure and you may just get lucky.

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