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First look: Plans for a new 6-star hotel in Sydney

Investors have lodged plans to build a 48-level six-star hotel in the Sydney CBD.

According to the proposal and Environmental Impact Study (EIS) prepared for developer, Built, the project includes a 246-room hotel and 23 branded apartments that will provide “much-needed hotel accommodation at the northeastern edge of the city”.

The impressive swimming pool would be located on Level 35 alongside a yoga room and gym.

‘Ultra-luxe facilities’

The hotel’s restaurants, lounge, bar, library and function centre will dominate the lower podium levels, leaving spectacular views for the six-star hotel rooms in the tower.

According to Latte Luxury news, the hotel suites will offer sweeping views to the east and the north.

Levels 10 to 34 will feature 10 rooms per floor ranging from 40-48 square metres. Rooms on Level 6 of the podium will vary between 57 and 104 square metres.

Sydney six star hotel

The upper residential levels of the 207-metre high tower (from 36 to 47) will comprise two 180-square-metre penthouse suites per floor, each with private balconies and separate lifts.

If approved, construction of the Sydney six-star hotel isn’t expected before 2023, with a build timeline of around 2.5 years.

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Where is it?

The project site incorporates that of the heritage-listed six-storey former Chief Secretary’s Building, directly opposite the Museum of Sydney.

“This site is in need of refurbishment and is currently under-utilised with low scale buildings not reflecting the highly urbanised and dense Sydney CBD context,” the EIS states.

Built CEO and Managing Director, Brett Mason, added, “This development represents a unique opportunity to give these buildings new life and make them accessible for locals and tourists, increasing public use and foot traffic.”

six star hotel plans Sydney
The six star hotel planned for Sydney

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