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Sydney to Canberra seaplane flights could be coming in 2021

Sydney Seaplanes successfully conducted the first test flight between Sydney Harbour and Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin on Tuesday, signally a bold new way to commute between the two cities.

The National Capital Authority gave the test flight the green light in December to gauge the environmental impacts of the new seaplane route.

If successful, the flights will begin in late 2021.

Sydney Seaplanes
Sydney Seaplanes

Sydney Seaplanes plans to run the Sydney to Canberra flight three times per day with just 15 passengers on board.

The one hour flight is expected to cost just $300 one way.

Guests arrive at the beautiful Empire Lounge Rose Bay, enjoy a coffee or champagne while they await their seaplane and then take off for the short flight.

Upon landing, you will arrive in the city centre of Canberra and not waste valuable time transferring in.

Safe landing

The demonstration flight departed from Bankstown airport due to bad weather in Sydney but landed on schedule near Lotus Bay.

Crowds lined the banks of Lake Burley Griffin to watch the moment the seaplane landed.

Noise monitors and heritage experts monitored the flight as it made its way to the dock at Yarralumla Bay.

Sydney Seaplanes Director Aaron Shaw said the direct flights would significantly reduce the time it takes to travel between the two cities.

“We’re hoping that with the convenience of the centre-of-city to centre-of-city that we’re going to be able to entice some people off the road as well,” Shaw, said.

Sydney Seaplanes is also planning a second inter-city route, possibly to Newcastle, in 2021.

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