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There’s more to Switzerland than mountains and meadows

Hot on the heels of the new Switzerland Tourism Ambassador promoting the wonders of his home country, Switzerland Tourism has created a brand new ad inviting visitors to discover its boutique cities.

Switzerland’s cities are some of the most vibrant in Europe. They offer unique architecture, history, wellness, and nightlife activities, all while remaining close to nature and adventure.

The video titled ‘Six in the City’ is a spoof on the popular TV show Sex and the City and it follows six friends sharing their urban discoveries in Switzerland.

Watch the video below:

The six female best friends, all with different personalities, embark on a group tour of Swiss cities to discover there’s much more to Switzerland than mountains and meadows.

With Switzerland officially open to guests from Australia, ‘Six in the City’ encourages friends to share adventures, experiences and memorable moments together.

Beyond the quirky storyline, the campaign offers six unique ways to see Switzerland that many travellers may not have considered.

Switzerland for active travellers

Nikki is the youngest and most active of the group and would like to see her friends live more active and healthier lifestyles.

Her ideal Switzerland holiday takes the group to cities that offer an opportunity to get close to nature.

The city of Davos, known for the World Economic Forum, has more than 700km of bike trails and the longest single trail in Switzerland. Lavaux is also known for great bike trails both along the lake and the vineyards. Locarno offers thrilling watersports on Lake Maggiore. And in Alpnachstad, you can take the world’s steepest cogwheel railway up to the Hotel Pilatus Kulm.

Book these 15 hotels if you want to be close to nature in Switzerland.

Architecture and history through the centuries

Switzerland’s boutique cities abound with architecture and history, much to the delight of Amber, a highly successful architect.

Amber takes her friends to feature hotels of outstanding historical importance, including a former tsar’s residence, a textile factory and a classic Swiss townhouse.

14 incredible Swiss hotels filled with history and rich architectural details

Switzerland’s best food and wine

High-flying corporate executive Inés knows good food and wine is the key to a successful holiday and Switzerland delivers in spectacular style.

Her gourmet tour guides her friends to some of the finest restaurants, cafes and bars across the country offering a literal feast for the senses.

Switzerland’s cities are filled with cosy cafes, restaurants with stunning lake views and trendy cocktail bars.

These are the 12 Switzerland city hotels you should book if you love good food and wine.

The best Swiss things in life 

Party girl Chiara is out and about, day and night, and this trip is her going-away party before relocating to Tokyo.

She takes the girls to sip chilled cocktails in the best bars overlooking Lake Geneva, the Rhine and Zurich’s delightful old town.

These are the 12 hotels you should book if you want to indulge in Switzerland.

Cool Swiss design and museums

Switzerland is renowned for cool and cutting-edge art and design. And Manon, a successful painter and designer, knows just where to find it.

Swiss hospitality and world-class museums combine to immerse Manon and her friends deep in art and culture to inspire their own creativity.

The experience doesn’t just extend to art galleries. Switzerland has several city hotels where hospitality and art collections come together.

These 14 boutique city hotels offer everything an art aficionado desires.

Relaxing in Switzerland

Mother-of-three Rose needs pampering for herself and her best friends.

A city break in Switzerland is just the ticket: Curative water therapies in pools with a view; yoga sessions on sunny terraces; beauty treatments with the finest Swiss luxury brands, and soothing mind-body programs. Switzerland has it all.

Switzerland’s 15 best city hotels for relaxing will have you recharging your batteries and in instant Zen relaxation mode.

No matter how you choose to explore Switzerland, this nation will surprise you.

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Getting there: International airlines fly from Sydney and Melbourne to most European cities. Australians will need to book connecting flights to Switzerland with Geneva and Zurich the most popular arrival points.

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