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Direct from Paris, the exhibition will feature garments, perfume and jewellery designed by the founder of Chanel.

The Muzo Valley in Colombia is famous for producing the world’s most spectacular – and ethically sourced – emeralds, writes Amelia Hungerford.

Natural gold nuggets retain the original form in which they’re found, with each a unique shape and also composition.

Musson, one of the few jewellers in the world to hold the title of Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier, has released a new range

FOPE's latest collection of exquisitely crafted Italian jewellery will be here in December.

The rarest of their kind in the world, pink diamonds are a dazzling addition to any luxury investment portfolio – especially now, during times

Humans have looked to the sky since time immemorial. The sun and rain for life-giving sustenance; the planets and stars for navigational guidance; the

Pearls have added an elegant finishing touch to regal outfits for millennia, but today, discerning women of style are donning pearl jewellery for the

2019 marks 30 years of excellence in the tourism, retail and hospitality industries for Western Australian family owned and operated Willie Creek Pearls.