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You can now book a flight to space in 2024 for $165k

Space Perspective is selling tickets for a trip that is out of this world. Literally.

The company, which calls itself “the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience company”,  has opened bookings for flights into space departing in late 2024.

The six-hour experience will lift passengers 30,000 metres into space where they will stay for two hours. This is when travellers can take in the breathtaking views of Earth down below while relaxing in their very own capsule complete with a reclining chair, bar and bathroom.

Astronauts call it a life-altering experience and now you can book your very own ticket for US$125,000 (A$165,000).

View Earth from the stratosphere © Michaela Zamloot (Button Collective)

Space explorers will board Spaceship Neptune – a football stadium-sized space balloon. It will ascend from a launch pad at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

The experience is low-impact, accessible and luxurious. Unlike space rockets, there’s minimal preparation or physical requirements for guests.

It will take around two hours to soar above 99 per cent of the Earth’s atmosphere. Because the capsule is lifted by a massive balloon, the ascent is gentle. No rocket propulsion of g-force acceleration here.

Then enjoy an awe-inspiring two-hour tour of our planet’s biosphere from the comfort of Spaceship Neptune’s panoramic viewing windows. The final two hours will be spent descending back to Earth.

© Michaela Zamloot (Button Collective)

A US$1,000 refundable deposit will secure an individual seat on a Space Perspective flight. Or you can reserve an entire capsule with eight seats for a US$8,000 refundable deposit.

Book your flight here.

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