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Six Senses Laamu brings blackwater diving to the Maldives

Six Senses Laamu’s dive centre has revealed an exciting new way to experience the atoll’s unique ecosystem.

Long-time favourite in the diving community, Six Senses Laamu is presenting the Laamu Atoll in a different light with the introduction of blackwater diving. The unique practice is gaining popularity among divers, and the Six Senses resort is the first to offer it as a premium experience in the Maldives.

Blackwater diving takes place in the open ocean at night, with divers guided by a string of LED lights attached to a vertical rope tethered to a surface-floating buoy. These lights draw out deep dwelling micro creatures, which emerge vertically from the depths to feed on the zooplankton that have been attracted to the lights. Many of these critters, usually smaller than a human thumb, are ethereal reef fish in their juvenile phase, or invertebrates such as pygmy squids, fluorescent bristle worms and rainbow-pulsating comb jellies.

These up-close-and-personal encounters with nocturnal pelagic sea life, particularly against the striking black background, create perfect photo opportunities for underwater photographers and a fascinating experience for the adventurous divers to feed their sense of adventure.

Deep Blue Divers at Six Sense Laamu is a PADI Five Star dive centre, which is also Green Star awarded for its commitment to ocean conservation.

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