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Signature tests: Amy Jean Brow Agency eyelash extensions

Signature tests: Amy Jean Brow Agency eyelash extensions

Thinking of getting eyelash extensions? Cara Wagstaff visits Amy Jean’s latest boutique to experience the procedure first-hand.

Cementing her status as one of Australia’s top eyebrow artists, Amy Jean’s sixth Australian boutique, Privée East, is the second of its kind in the Brow Queen’s portfolio of Privée experience boutiques.

Arriving at the InterContinental Double Bay, I’m met in the lobby by Amy’s personal assistant, Sarah, who whisks me up to the hotel suite-cum-beauty studio.

Decorated with bouquets of fresh orchids, hydrangeas and roses, with feathered lamp shades and pink cushions, it is a relaxed, feminine oasis. Amy Jean’s elite team is highly skilled and trained in eyebrow and eyelash treatments. My eye stylist examines my lashes and recommends the classic synthetic and acrylic extensions. All Amy Jean therapists work with clients to ensure the optimal length, curl and thickness of the lashes to create a natural look, while also taking into consideration care of your existing lashes.

When I’m lying down on the treatment table, my therapist instructs me to close my eyes as she attaches a network of small tapes, then glues each lash individually to my own. The process takes close to two hours, and the lash extensions feel comfortable and weightless. Best of all, they look completely natural.

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