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Signature dishes around the world

Dishes you just can’t miss out on.

A country is defined by its people, its culture and its iconic dishes.

No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, food is a staple of life. Often the days are marked by the fabulous food you’ve sampled or the exciting dinner that gets you through work. Some say that to get the full experience when travelling, to truly understand a culture; that it can only be done by ensuring you sample their most iconic dishes.

No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing on your next trip – make sure you try these iconic dishes from around the world.


BBQ, Australia

As the world’s laid-back country, Australians are partial to an evening Aussie BBQ sausage sizzle or a meat pie with tomato sauce.


Poutine, Canada

Don’t worry about the calories – this dish is worth it! Poutine consists of French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. Yum!


Biltong, South Africa

You may have already heard of Biltong, or its American cousin beef jerky, but if you haven’t tried it make sure you do on your next visit to South Africa. Strips of meat are salted and spice, dried out and make for a great snack.


Yorkshire Pudding, England

This cold country is the home of Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding – something to warm you up when it’s snowing outside. For another option, don’t miss the chance to try a Cornish Pasty, especially in Cornwall!


Bouillabaisse, France

Forget croissants and baguettes – Bouillabaisse is the meal for you. Birthed in Marseilles, this stew is a delicious blend of fish, olive oil, tomatoes, wine and saffron.


Pizza, Italy

This is an easy one – pizza. It’s almost too obvious to bother pointing out but pizza in Italy is a treat for the tastebuds that can’t go unannounced.


Kebabs, Istanbul

Kebabs are a great late-night snack or welcome addition to a family BBQ but you won’t know what’s hit you when you try a kebab in Istanbul. Cooked on hot coals and served on grilled flatbread, sizzling lamb kebabs will be your new best friend.


Haggis, Scotland

This savoury pudding is made up of sheep’s pluck (the heart, liver and lungs – but don’t let that deter you!); minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and stock. While the description might sound off-putting, haggis is surprisingly delicious.


Peking Duck, China

Famous around the world and synonymous with Chinese cuisine, Peking Duck is a crisp and succulent feast.


Wiener Schnitzel, Austria

Austria produces the king of all Schnitzels. A thin veal cutlet is breaded and deep fried and can be paired with potatoes, rice or fries and garnished with lemon and parsley.


Tandoori Chicken, India

Something tells me that Tandoori Chicken from the motherland would be an entirely new experience. Tandoori masala spice covers the succulent chicken and roasted in a tandoor (clay oven) and the dish is often served with vegetables, yogurt and rice.


Chicken Kiev, Ukraine

Next time you find yourself in the Ukraine, why not try Chicken Kiev, in Kiev. Garlic butter with herbs oozes from the centre of the chicken, coated in breadcrumbs and either fried or baked.

Desserts and Drinks

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten the other most important aspects of a meal. Here are 5 moreish desserts and 5 thirst-quenching drinks that stand out around the world.


Macarons, Paris

So light and sweet, with every flavour you can imagine (and some you couldn’t), Macarons are a favourite around the world but nowhere does Macarons like Paris.


Cronuts, New York

Originating in the city that never sleeps, Cronuts are deep-fried croissants shaped like donuts with a custard filling. The creation has spread around the world, a new addiction for dessert-lovers everywhere.


Gelato, Italy

There is nothing as refreshing as gelato after a deliciously filling meal. Practically every corner in major Italian towns houses a gelateria, so the options are endless!


Brussels Waffle, Europe

Forget Belgian Waffles, these are lighter, crisper and have larger pockets to capture the sweet toppings as they ooze over the waffle.


Apfelstrudel, Austria

Try the famous apple strudel in its home country of Austria. The pastry is filled with cooked apple, sugar, cinnamon, raisings and bread crumbs. Best served warm with vanilla ice cream.


Guinness, Ireland

Ever wonder why the Irish are seen as loud, boisterous and happy? A big part of that is thanks to their national drink – Guinness. This dark, thick drink is the way to an Irish heart and a sure fire way of having a great night.


Martini, England

In the land of James Bond, the Queen and Saville Row, nothing says sophistication like a nice fresh martini.


Mojito, Cuba

Feel the spirit and energy of Cuba by indulging on a Mojito. This refreshing Cuban cocktail mixes white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint.


Sangria, Spain

A popular party punch-bowl selection, Sangria is a fun concoction of red wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener and brandy.


Pisco Sour, Peru

The drink’s name originates from pisco, which is the base liquor of this sour cocktail. Add key lime (or lemon) juice, syrup, ice, egg white and Angostura bitters and you’ve got yourself a party.