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Welcome to your digital passport to world of luxury travel, home decorating, wellness, gourmet living, style and beauty. 

Signature@home is a digital magazine that takes everything that is great about the Signature Luxury Travel & Style print magazine – the dreamy images, the insider intel, the upscale experiences – and makes it relevant and relatable to our current situation. 

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This issue contain a little travel projection, as well as insights into what our favourite tourism and hospitality brands are doing. There are also plenty of nifty tips on how to make the most of your time at home, from recipes to interviews with wellness gurus.

Armchair travel


Being grounded doesn’t extinguish our lust for seeing the world. From the latest virtual safaris you can enjoy at home to live-streamed initiatives to keep us cruising, we’re here to inspire your future international travels. Plus, we spotlight incredible domestic destinations, resorts and experiences that should be on your itinerary for 2021 and beyond.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Fancy joining a meditation session with Oprah? Missing your favourite yoga retreat in Bali? Looking for ways to boost your immunity, improve your sleep routine or reduce stress and anxiety? We unveil ways to stay fit, healthy and happy, with seasonal updates on the latest beauty products and skincare treatments to try.



Cooking (or mixing a cocktail) can be incredibly therapeutic. And we’re here to help you do this while you might have more time to spend in the kitchen. We bring you the latest news on everything from celebrity chef cook-offs to new products for your pantry, plus gourmet recipes you can recreate at home.

Couple in the kitchen

Tips & Tricks

Did you know that you can sign up to attend an online acting class hosted by Natalie Portman? Or that you can get a remote degree from Yale? Or make hand sanitiser at home with a couple of basic ingredients? Or give your home a makeover without spending your entire savings? We have all this intel, and more.