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This groundbreaking super yacht has five pools and a 3D cinema

SEE concept yacht could be built in three years.

You could be forgiven for thinking the 65-meter SEE concept yacht was a fuel guzzler.

It certainly is ostentatious and bold. The luxury ship’s exterior contains huge walls of reflective glass for guests to gaze at uninterrupted ocean views. It has five swimming pools, including a glass-bottom infinity pool, a 3D outdoor cinema and a stunning wellness centre.

But SEE is an environmentally-friendly superyacht for those who like to live large without damaging the planet. It uses a groundbreaking E-Hybrid propulsion system, with batteries as its main source of power.

SEE concept Yacht
The SEE concept Yacht. Credit: Gill Schmid Design

Hybrid yacht design

The battery power means this super yacht is whisper quiet.

SEE’s onboard batteries can power it for six to eight hours at anchor or three hours of silent cruising. It can travel at a top speed of 16 knots, with an estimated range of 3,750 nautical miles.

Admittedly, the batteries are currently recharged using diesel power, but in future, it is hoped to transition away from fossil fuels. And less in this instance really is more.

New-York based studio Gill Schmid Design designed SEE in collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects. Since they unveiled the concept the team says they have had “high levels of interest” from shipbuilders for the design.

Once a contract has been signed, the designers said SEE would take about three years to build.

The SEE Concept Yacht. Credit: Gill Schmid Design

Inside the SEE concept yacht

The SEE concept yacht has room for 14 guests and up to 17 crew members.

“The design is based on a sense of like-minded community of family or friends who want to enjoy the journey and experience nature and the environment in a laid-back atmosphere,” Gill Schmid Design said.

Dining on SEE will be an exquisite experience. The onboard kitchen has chef’s tables, a fermentation chamber, a mushroom lab, a sushi counter, a juice and coffee bar, and a cocktail lounge. A communal dining space under one of the yacht’s glass bottom swimming pools can expand to fit friends with the contraction of glass sliding doors.

If you want to relax, head to the wellness centre which includes a sauna, steam room, spa, and a yoga studio.

The SEE Concept Yacht
The SEE Concept Yacht. Credit: Gill Schmid Design

Hybrid future

Hybrid yachts have grown in popularity over the past decade.

James Roy, Managing Director of Lateral Naval Architects, said in a recent interview that the move to more environmentally-friendly yachts was driven by customers.

“Clients are already asking us to engineer, design and build yachts which can ‘leave no trace’, perhaps even operate in a way that leaves a positive impact on the environment,” Roy said.

The benefit for guests is clear. Hybrid systems greatly reduce the noise, fumes and vibrations onboard a vessel. Once you’ve sailed on one, it’s hard to go back.

We will have to wait to see who will be the first to buy the SEE concept yacht, but the future is looking bright.

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