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Seabourn cruises: Join a luxury ‘Venture’ to the edges of the world

Seabourn cruises are set to take expedition cruising to new levels of luxury and comfort with the launch of Seabourn Venture in July 2022.

Venture Seabourn cruises
The ship’s rooftop pool is ideal for Northern Lights gazing

It’s early morning in Antarctica, and the whole continent is asleep. The mirrored surface of the sea reflects enormous gem-like glaciers, twinkling in the light. The occasional iceberg bobs by but, other than that, everything is still. That is until a humpback whale rises from the inky water next to you, slapping its tail and sending spray sky-high. These are nature’s alarm clocks when you’re exploring this vast southern realm.

Zodiac at Point Paradise Harbor Antarctica
A Seabourn Zodiac at Point Paradise Harbor in Antarctica

In decades past, such final frontiers were only accessible to no-frills adventurers – travellers that came here were hardened explorers. Today, however, you can take in Antarctica’s wonders without compromising on life’s little luxuries. Enter Seabourn Venture, the newest, and most advanced, ship in the Seabourn fleet.

Seabourn cruises: Built to explore the extremes

This vessel was purpose-built for exploring the ends of the Earth. Designed to PC6 Polar Class standards, it can navigate those far-flung ice floes with ease – and without damaging fragile environments. It also comes with three bow thrusters. What are these exactly? All you need to know is they make Venture extremely nimble. She is able to go where other ships simply can’t.

Kayaking in Antarctica
Kayaking with Seabourn specialists in Antarctica

And when you get there – wherever there may be – you have an unrivalled number of ways to explore. Seabourn Venture is equipped with two custom-built submarines, which provide an unforgettable view of the world beneath the ocean’s surface. Each can accommodate six guests in swivel chairs, so you don’t miss a moment of the underwater action. These pods can travel up to 300 metres below the sea’s surface, revealing a marine wonderland that few others get to glimpse.

Seabourn cruises onboard specialists

If you prefer to keep your head above water, Venture carries double sea kayaks as well as 24 Zodiacs. These can zip you to shore, perhaps to wander amid penguin colonies or trek over vast ice sheets in the company of highly skilled members of the expedition team. In fact, there are 26 specialised experts on every sailing. These range from naturalists to historians and scientists.

“Seabourn guests desire to closely engage with our destinations,” says Tony Archbold, Seabourn’s Senior Director of Sales and Marketing in Australia and New Zealand. “Ventures by Seabourn creates that perfect environment under the guidance of our team of expert historians, scientists, naturalists and scholars.”

Each expert has been carefully selected to bring different destinations and sights alive. “…whether it’s on foot or water with our own fleet of kayaks and zodiacs, Ventures by Seabourn will greatly enhance our guests ‘experience.”

Seabourn cruises adventures
Venture where others can’t with Seabourn cruises

When you ease into warmer waters, Venture’s team can also point you in the direction of scuba and snorkelling gear. Because you’ll want to get mask-to-fin with marine life in the tropical waters that Venture travels to.

Understated style, next-level comfort

Seabourn Venture is intimate, with just 132 all-veranda staterooms, but she comes with a staggering eight dining experiences. These include sushi in The Club to a fine-dining restaurant. There’s also a cafe and a lounge, where you can watch those icebergs drift by with a cocktail in hand.

A Panorama Suite on Seabourn Venture
A Panorama Suite on Seabourn Venture

Applauded artist and designer Adam D. Tihany is behind the ship’s sleek spaces, inspired by the landscapes you pass during your voyage. He’s purposefully kept colours and textures earthy and neutral, so as to not distract from the real eye candy outside.

Seabourn cruises: Venture onboard the maiden voyage

Seabourn Venture will make her maiden voyage on 15 July 2022 with the 12-day ‘Northern Isles & The Viking Homeland’ itinerary. From here, she will spend the season exploring the Arctic, Amazon and Antarctica.

Seabourn cruises
Sail to the edges of the world with Seabourn

In addition, Venture will also offer special ‘Seasonal Migration’ itineraries traversing continents and oceans. In 2023, she will be joined by sister ship Seabourn Pursuit.

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